Desinfection Robot

COVID-19 has had huge consequences and implications for people and countries all over the world. Lack of close relations, sickness and death are among the losses we must all consider.
Manual disinfection is a repetitive and costly task and the big risk is that it’s not done thoroughly enough.

Technicon is a part of the team behind the Disinfection Robot. Disinfection Robot is a highly flexible mobile solution invented in 2020 and developed to efficiently combat all types of viruses and bacteria.
A flexible Universal Robot arm is mounted on top of the mobile unit from Mobile Industrial Robots. The Universal Robot arm has a light fixture attached from EFSEN UV. It is all integrated into one solution by Enabled Robotics, and sold by LT Automation.

Desinfection Robot uses highly effective UVC light to neutralize viruses and bacteria on every type of horizontal, vertical or angled surface.
Desinfection Robot can be use safely and completely to disinfect even the most difficult and complicated spots, in areas with limited space.
With only a few clicks on a smartphone or tablet, it is easy to use, and can either replace or complement current manual anti-infection measures in areas where risks are high, and the consequences of contamination severe – for example in hospitals, care homes, schools and supermarkets.


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