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Aarhus Maskinmesterskole

Aarhus Maskinmesterskole

Aarhus Maskinmesterskole

Robot equipment for Danish students

To make the teaching as relevant and exciting as possible, Aarhus Maskinmesterskole wants to strengthen the students’ insight into the latest in user-friendly robot technology.

The ambition means that Technicon has been tasked with delivering and installing six Technicon Module Desks by 2020.

The automation solution will primarily be used by automation technology and mechanical engineering students, who will try their hand at the equipment in connection with the teaching.

Readiness for change and efficiency

Technicon Module Desks are easy to install and adjust, and the high flexibility and stability means that Technicon Module Desks can both individually and jointly efficiently perform many varying production and assembly tasks.


The concrete and realistic teaching makes the students familiar with collaborative robots. The students both learn about the latest in advanced robot technology and at the same time gain a better understanding of the conditions and conditions of industrial companies.

Through programming and simulation of production processes, students gain a first-hand insight into how flexible automation can solve current and future production and innovation challenges in the manufacturing industry.


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ROI Calculator

This calculator shows the potential impact on savings with a robot compared to manual labor during a project's life

  • 1. System costs
  • 2. Current costs
  • 3. Other savings
  • 4. Result

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Our calculator should be seen as an indication. Other costs/savings affecting the repayment of the individual installation may occur.

Step 1: System costs

Total system costs for new automation solution

Average production worker 420.000 DKK per year

Number of robots for new solution

Step 2: Current costs

Use of solution

Shifts per day
Days per week
Weeks per year
Average electricity cost for robots approximately 0,5 DKK per hour

Annual labor costs per operator including employee benefits

Number of operators released per shift

(percentage relased to be entered on the next page)

Step 3: Other savings

Percentage of labor maintained for system operation per shift:


Expected increased productivity


Other savings

Result Your result!





Break even


Liberated labor in 7 years


Productivity improvements in 7 years

All numbers below are shown in Danish kroner (DKK)



System cost

Maintenance costs

Operating costs

liberated labor

Productivity increase

Other savings

average annual savings

Your savings for the entire period

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