Cobots for laboratories

New robotic solution strengthens the working environment in Denmark’s laboratories – and it is quickly recouped.

Mikrolab Aarhus & Technicon have jointly developed a flexible automation solution for Denmarks’s laboratories. The equipment, which includes a safe, reliable, and stable UR3e, makes it possible for public and private laboratories to let the robot take over large parts of routine tasks that laboratory workers today perform manually.

The UR3e cobot is mounted on a modular table, which means that it can be easily and simply moved around the room. Grippers are mounted at the end of the cobot, which efficiently, safely and gently solve a range of different processes. The modularity makes it possible to combine a tailor-made solution. By automating manual procedures, the risk of occupational injuries is minimized, and time is freed up for other tasks. See more HERE.

You can see the solution live when Mikrolab exhibits in Aarhus and Copenhagen

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