Technicon – new Danish distributor of the Tulip software solution

As of October 2022, Technicon has become the new exclusive Danish distributor of the unique no code software program Tulip.
Tulip is a cloud-based software solution that easily and clearly connects data from people, machines, devices and sensors. It ensures a unique real-time overview, and by using Tulip you get a much better chance of improving your production flow.

Tulip is user-friendly, scalable and is used by various industries worldwide. The app-based program is brilliant for the monitoring of the uptime across mechanical equipment. At the same time, Tulip’s tailor-made dashboards are able to provide an overview of prioritization proposals, so that bottlenecks are minimized and downtime is turned into active value-creating time.

Coupled with our wide range of flexible automation solutions, Tulip’s software is a wonderful match: we can now offer all manufacturing companies even more tailored solutions that strengthen scalability, flexibility, capacity utilization, production flow leading to less waste.

If you want to know more about how Tulip can increase your capacity utilization, do not hesitate to contact MES Project Manager Alan Mark Dunwiddie at or +45 4412 1160.

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