New collaboration between Grau Engineering and Technicon sends robots to Herning

If you want to leverage your business and give the growth potential a bucket of petrol, you should strengthen the degree of automation.
Few things move as much as investments in new production technology.

Robots do not steal jobs

Studies confirm that robots do not steal jobs. On the contrary, robots ensure companies a competitive power that enables them to maintain and expand the number of employees. Several reports document it. Similarly, calculations show that companies that are highly digital are more than 20 percent more productive than companies with a low degree of digitalization.

In other words, investments in digitalization and robot technologies contribute to efficiencies: for example, in the form of new and improved workflows, automation and reduced operating costs – not least because much equipment is recouped in less than 10 months. At the same time, automation is a culture creator that creates fertile ground for the development of new products and different business models.

Larger companies invest more in robots than smaller companies

Despite the many benefits of flexible automation, there are still many companies that have not yet adopted robotic technology to any significant degree. Therefore, the machine builder Grau Engineering from Herning and the robotics company Technicon from Hobro have now entered a collaboration that will ensure smart automation solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturing that will significantly improve their productivity in a short time.

Grau Engineering has more than 10 years of experience as a machine builder. The company, which consists of skilled automation people, is used to increasing the optimization potential of many different types of industrial companies – mainly in central Jutland.

Grau Engineering is used to solving technologically challenging tasks, where automation is the main key. We already have good experience in installing the safe, compact and stable so-called “cobots” from Universal Robots at several production companies.

Technicon er landsdækkende forhandler af hele paletten af Universal Robots brugervenlige robotter, og samtidig har virksomheden et stort bagkatalog af projekterfaringer at trække på fra samarbejde med både større og mindre virksomheder. Desuden har Technicon en omfattende webshop, hvor man finder mere end 400 modulære robotløsninger.

User-friendly robot solutions can ensure industry growth

The ambition behind the new collaboration is to contribute to more and more production companies gearing up on the automation and technological front, so that their competitiveness is strengthened and resilience is increased. At Grau Engineering, founder and owner Kristian Grau sees great opportunities for the company, through the collaboration with Technicon, to both increase the spread of flexible cobots to even more small and medium-sized production companies as well as deliver even more advanced turn key automation solutions.
– Our goal is to make good companies better, and we wanted a strong business partner with in-depth business understanding and deep knowledge of the latest developments in flexible automation. We consider Technicon to be the absolute best match in the market, and we hope that the collaboration will mean that even more production companies will benefit from all the smart and user-friendly robots can do today, says Kristian Grau.

Contact information:

• CEO Kristian Grau, Grau Engineering –, tel. +45 3137 3257
• Channel Sales Manager Henrik Christensen, Technicon – , tel. +45 4280 4455

From left: CEO Kristian Grau, Grau Engineering, business developer Jesper V. Rasmussen and Channel Sales Manager Henrik Christensen, Technicon.

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