Robot Startup Seeks Capital for Global Expansion Journey

Can entrepreneurship, metalworking expertise and robotics experience be combined and create a user-friendly, efficient and innovative cobot solution that automates manual processes and facilitates the working environment and strengthens productivity in the metal industry?


Last year, ROBOE won the Danish championships in entrepreneurship. RoboE is behind a newly developed cobot solution that automates a number of the manual processes previously related to the cutting of threads. A cobot from Universal Robots is included in the solution from Technicon, which helps to give RoboE air under its wings.

Read about the solution in the Jern- og Maskinindustrien Magazine, hear about Mette Nordensgaard Dam Nielsen and the other members of RoboE, and contact Henrik Christensen if you also dream of cobots that make a difference.

You will find the article here

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