Blank Feeding is Raised to New Levels

Universitet – University of Southern Denmark, Danfoss and the LEGO Group, Technicon participates in a part feeding project whose goal is to streamline assembly processes.

The solution, which includes a cobot from Universal Robots, enables manufacturing companies to be even more profitable from their existing production equipment because they can expand and adapt their processes more quickly.

In addition to robotics, the solution combines AI-based vision cameras, simulation technology and 3D printing. The solution ensures a detailed insight into how the items lie during the process from bulk to assembly. Thanks to simulation and machine learning, the software designs a 3D model of a modular hardware solution that can be included in the process and ensure efficient part-feeding of e.g. plastic or steel items.

The unique hardware solution can simply be 3D printed, and that process is both much faster and cheaper than the usual manual design phases, where you try things out to see if it works.

Compared to the conventional “trial and error” process, this ensures greater agility and significant time savings. In short, it becomes easier, faster, and cheaper to optimize and adjust your production so that different items can be handled more efficiently.

It is MADE researcher Simon Faarvang Mathiesen, SDU, who runs the project. If you would like to know more about how Technicon connects digitalization and automation to innovative modular solutions, contact Head of Industry Henrik Holm Jensen or Key Account Manager Mads Sigsgaard.

Watch the video here

You can also read more about the project here

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