Scape Technologies and Technicon in new robot collaboration

Flexible automation solutions can and must be extended to a much larger part of the manufacturing industry – many Danish companies contain great potential in terms of productivity and growth. Shutdowns, aid packages and economic decline have set the agenda for the past year. For this reason, new paths to growth are more crucial than ever. User-friendly automation equipment is the best way to get the Danish economy up and running.

The goal of making it even easier and more profitable for more production companies to benefit from flexible automation is the basis for the new collaboration between the two well-known robot companies Scape Technologies, Odense, and Technicon, Hobro.

The 50-man strong Technicon is an automation house and experienced in solving complex and hitherto unsolvable production technology challenges in close cooperation with companies and organisations.

In addition, Technicon has the country’s largest webshop for flexible automation, where companies can find more than 400 user-friendly robot products.

The photo shows CEO Søren Bøving-Andersen, Scape Technologies A/S and Channel Sales Manager Henrik Christensen, Technicon A/S

The idea that the simple and easy can be combined with the advanced is the basic philosophy behind Technicon and the reason why the company has gone from five to 50 colleagues in just a few years.

Scape Technologies originates from the robotics community in Odense and has for more than 15 years specialized in providing complete bin-picking solutions for all industries. Scape was the first in the world to launch series-produced bin-picker solutions that integrate grippers, sensors, cameras, together with in-house developed software for fast, reliable, and accurate picking, checking, and positioning of sub-components and items delivered unstructured in boxes – hence the term bin picking.

Scape’s inventions enable cobots and industrial robots to perform tasks that could not otherwise be automated efficiently and profitably. The technology is used, among other things, for assembly of semi-finished products, picking items in production, quality control and packaging, where advantages in the form of increased stability, reliability and efficiency help to ensure high profitability and strengthened competitiveness.

Despite the fact that much automation equipment today is so efficient and has come so far down in price that it is often recouped in less than 12 months, especially small and medium-sized production companies are holding back the investments in productivity-enhancing production technology. We want to contribute to changing that, so that the opportunities are exploited,” says CEO Søren Bøving-Andersen, Scape Technologies, referring to the fact that this trend was recently confirmed in an analysis from IDA.

IDA’s report from 2020 documents what, among others, Dansk Metal has previously pointed out: Denmark has great production technology potential – and this hampers productivity and risks being costly when the world opens up again and when foreign competitors with lower labor costs will fight for market shares.

Because lack of Danish investment in equipment that can promote competitiveness risks becoming a serious growth brake on the other side of COVID-19.

“Denmark is world-renowned for its robot community. The collaboration between two of the industry’s most significant players will not only strengthen the entire ecosystem. It also greatly benefits the manufacturing companies that we can present even more modular solutions that are simple to implement and that make small and medium-sized companies more agile and scalable,” says CEO Casper Hansen, Technicon.

Read IDA’s analysis here

CEO Søren Bøving-Andersen, Scape Technologies A/S, – Tel. +45 2128 1128
CEO Casper Hansen, Technicon ApS, – Tel. +45 2991 3791

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