Cobot Solution from Technicon Streamlines the Uniform Packaging Tasks at Australian Bodycare

For nearly three decades, Australian Bodycare has specialized in making skin care products that contain natural ingredients like Australian Tea Tree Oil. The company has experienced a constant increase in demand from both Danish and international customers, which has led to continuous growth, which has necessitated an ongoing process of packing many products to be shipped out. This created the need for a compact, efficient automation solution that is easy to use.

Previously, all packing and stacking was done by hand, which resulted in repetitive strain and which, in addition to being economically inefficient, was physically challenging for employees’ knees, backs and joints. Given the fierce international competition, it was essential for the company to improve profitability and optimize operating costs by reducing costs, increasing automation and working smarter.

After a dialogue with Technicon, Australian Bodycare chose to invest in an automated solution consisting of a UR10e cobot from Universal Robots, a Technicon Liftstand and a vacuum gripper from Robotiq. This investment has enabled the company to pack and stack up to a height of 160 centimeters in a way that is safe and efficient, protecting the employees and allowing them to be redeployed to other, more challenging tasks.

If you also want a non-binding chat about the potential of automation in your company, get in touch with Head of Industry Henrik Holm Jensen +45 29 49 07 89 – or Key Account Manager Mads Sigsgaard +45 44 12 11 74 –

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