Imagine that as an SME you could borrow a robot…

Imagine that as an SME you could borrow a robot…

You can do that with the new political agreement that Digitalization Minister Marie Bjerre and all the parties in the Folketing entered into on Thursday. This is a Danish digitization strategy containing 29 initiatives – including, among other things, technology understanding on the school syllabus, guidance for companies on artificial intelligence and loan robots for small and medium-sized companies.

740 million DKK will be set aside for the strategy towards 2027, and of this, 160 million will go to understanding technology as part of education already in primary school.

At Technicon, we are of course very excited about the agreement just concluded and the recognition of how important it is to have a strong focus on education, research and development within digitization and robotics.
It is crucial for us to create a strong robot nation that can ensure a strong industry and thereby innovation, productivity and greater exports.

Read the entire article in Danish on MetalSupply HERE.

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