Get Grants for Digitalization

Get grants to move forward with your digitalization
If you are a small or medium-sized company and would like to start or strengthen your digitalization, you now have the opportunity to apply for funding for this. SME:Digital continuously opens offers where you can apply for grants for private advice, investment in IT and technology or get help to develop your own or your employees’ digital skills.

For example, you could choose the smart and user-friendly digitization solution – Tulip Interfaces – which Technicon A/S sells. With Tulip Interfaces, you quickly get a better overview of your production and planning, regardless of what you produce. Tulip is easy to implement and provides you with new tools to optimize your processes.

If you want to continue with your digitalization projects, and if you want to hear more about Tulip Interfaces, contact Technicon’s digitalization experts Alan Dunwiddie or Jesper Reilev

Do you want to apply for a grant for digital transformation?
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