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At Technicon, we are more than standard solutions, components and robot integrations. We are a technology house, and we know how far different technologies can be stretched and which new technologies lie on the horizon.

This makes us a really strong consulting and development partner who can test and develop new technology, test concepts, develop prototypes and inspire your company with the possibilities of the future.

Via SMV:Digital it is possible to apply for grants for advice and investments in new technology. They support, among other things, that companies utilize their business potential, by e.g. automating production or manual routine tasks, and their pool is aimed both at companies that need inspiration and at companies with a concrete idea.

As certified SME advisors, we have on a consulting basis helped several companies uncover their automation potential and the possible gains that the company can achieve both financially and in the form of an improved working climate, just as we have contributed with know-how along the way to a wide range of different automation projects.

If you are thinking about whether or how you should automate, do not hesitate to reach out to Key Account Manager Mads Sigsgaard or Head of Industry Division Henrik Holm Jensen for a non-binding chat.

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