Another Automation Solution for Industry

At Technicon A/S, we are well underway in developing yet another automation solution, which in this case will reduce the one-sided repetitive work in a large building materials industry company.

Our proposal for an ergonomic, efficient and innovative solution consists, among other things, of two stable and fast industrial robots with a lifting capacity of up to 130 kg and a reach of 2.3 metres. Together with customized gripper solutions – which we also develop in-house – the two industrial robots must together lift the company’s many items from the machine into boxes and from there onto the pallet, where they are stacked correctly, so that everything is ready for shipment.


Today, these tasks are carried out manually. With our solution, many of the physically repetitive functions are cut at the same time as our solution ensures a stable and continuous flow.

If you want to know more about how we use our knowledge of robots, automation and production to lift, facilitate and streamline industrial companies in all industries, then contact Head of Industry Henrik Holm Jensen or Key Account Manager Mads Sigsgaard.

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