Meet Technicon on 22 September 2021 in Herning

Robots are Made for Surface Treatment in the Wood and Furniture Industry

On 22 September, paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams Denmark opens its doors. Sherwin-Williams is one of the largest players in the market within surface treatment solutions for the Danish wood and furniture industry. Together with Flex Trim, DEFX, TMS-AS and Technicon, Sherwin-Williams will show both current customers, potential customers and partners the untapped growth potential that lies for the wood and furniture industry in using user-friendly flexible automation in the manufacturing process.

Untapped Automation Options in Surface Treatment

On Wednesday 22 September 2021, in the period 10.00 to 16.00 at Sherwin-Williams Denmark in Herning, you can experience how flexible, secure, and stable so-called “cobots” are effectively able to handle a number of the challenging tasks and functions that is associated with the pre- and post-processes in surface treatment.

“We constantly strive to give our customers added value by not “just” being able to deliver paint. There are many steps before and after a surface treatment and many of the manual and repetitive processes can today be advantageously automated”, technical manager Henrik Holm, Sherwin-Williams says.

Cobots are both safe and reliable and since they do not require space-consuming safety shielding, they are created to work alongside and with other employees. In practice, guests can see different grinding tasks on the day, and experience what opportunities there may be, to benefit from the small new robots, which have been developed greatly in recent years.

The photo below shows an example of a UR cobot based automation solution that visitors can experience during the day.

Technical Manager Henrik Holm, Sherwin-Williams:
“Now that the COVID-19 restrictions have been largely lifted, we would therefore like to help show the industry how to take advantage of the opportunities within flexible automation. With this event, we will give the Danish wood and furniture industry insight into the latest trends, within handling and task solutions with new technology as the focal point”.

Tent and Hot Dog Stand in Herning

Henrik Holm expects to see many at the event, and Sherwin-Williams has rented a large party tent for the day, while a rented hot dog stand ensures that guests do not leave with an empty stomach. Together, the five companies will demonstrate how to achieve uniform sanding and intermediate sanding of all types of surfaces and contours simply and easily.

“Robots that can be converted quickly and easily do not only help to strengthen productivity and competitiveness. Today, software and hardware have such an advanced level that you can maintain a high, uniform level of quality. At the same time, the work environment gains are obvious. For example, it is obvious to let the robot handle the sanding and polishing intermediate sanding tasks, so that the employees are spared from sanding dust and EGA among the employees is minimized. This also promotes the working environment and strengthens recruitment opportunities because you become a more attractive workplace,” Channel Sales Manager Henrik Christensen, Technicon A/S says.

It is free to participate in the event on 22 September and the address is Nystedvej 5, 7400 Herning


Contact Information:

Channel Sales Manager Henrik Christensen, Technicon A/S, +45 4280 4455

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