Minister of Trade and Industry Simon Kollerup visits Technicon A/S

The automation house Technicon A / S had an extra good opportunity to showcase the latest and greatest in advanced robot technology, when Minister of Trade and Industry Simon Kollerup on Monday 27 September had chosen to visit the +60-employee Hobro-based company.

Technicon has experienced a , which i.a. within the last two years has been named Gazelle by the daily newspaper Børsen. It has been seven years since the company saw the light of day, and today Technicon is a leader in user-friendly and flexible automation solutions, and many the most well-known Danish industrial companies are today partners with Technicon.

Technicon are specialists in pharma, medtech, wind and metal, but other industries – e.g., electronics – is also to be found among the company’s many customers.

In addition to being a nationwide dealer of i.a. Universal Robots, M obile Industrial Robots, OnRobot grippers and Robotiq equipment. Technicon is at the same time often used as a sparring and development partner when companies and organizations in Denmark and abroad have to speed up the digital and automation strategy or if they have a specific production challenge.

It is precisely in the field of tension between proliferation and innovation that the main reasons for Technicon’s steep growth must be found. Technicon’s great ambition is that technology must and should be owned by everyone. At the same time, Technicon is constantly challenging the limits of what is technologically possible. That is why Technicon, among other things, makes a virtue out of recruiting the best newly graduated university graduates.

Kollerup Presented the Government’s New Robot Analysis

It was the innovation, the competencies and the growth opportunities that the robot industry holds that were the background for Minister of Business and Industry Simon Kollerup’s visit. In connection with the visit, Kollerup published the government’s new analysis of the large untapped automation potential that exists among many production companies.

Casper Hansen sees it as a strong and good signal that the Minister of Business and Industry is focusing on the possibilities of robot technology:

“It is very positive that there is a political focus on the societal benefits of robots, and it is gratifying that the analysis confirms the great socio-economic and business benefits that society will experience if more SMEs in particular use robots in their daily production,” Casper Hansen , CEO of Technicon says.

In relation to the government’s new analysis, Casper Hansen agrees with the conclusions and adheres to the barriers that, according to the analysis, make companies refrain from investing in robots.

“The analysis indicates that companies consider a lack of skills, knowledge and time to be a hindrance. I would venture the claim that it has never been easier to get started with robots, and in a time like this where many companies look for labor in vain, the benefits of flexible automation are even greater, ” Casper Hansen says.

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