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Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

Preparation of components for quality test

In connection with the insulin product, Novo Nordisk manufactures the components for the injection part itself. In order to comply with the strict quality requirements, a number of samples are taken from each production batch for control measurements. Before these can be made, the samples must first be glued to metal fixtures – a monotonous work that requires great accuracy and quite accurate dosing of the glue.

Technicon has automated this process. Based on our modular table system, we have designed a unit consisting of a UR5 robot fitted with a replaceable tool for handling components and dispensing glue. The tool is changed via an automatic tool changer depending on the current component. Modular tables are fitted with replaceable workpiece magazines for new and ready-glued workpieces. The cell is supplied with an external HMI screen, set up with a project-specific user interface, which in addition to being extremely user-friendly also provides access to reading all relevant process information.

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ROI Calculator

This calculator shows the potentially dramatic impact in savings on a robot versus manual labor over the life of the project.

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Our calculator should be seen as an indication. With each installation, there may be other costs / savings that affect the repayment of the individual installation.

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Total system costs for new automation solution

Average production employees DKK 420,000/year/shift

Number of robots for new solution

Step 2: Current costs

Application of solution

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Average electricity costs for robots are around DKK 0.5 per hour.

Annual labor costs per operator, including employee benefits

Number of operators released per shift

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Step 3: Other savings

Percentage of workforce retained for system operation per shift:


Expected increased productivity


Other savings

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Break even


Freed labor over 7 years


Productivity improvement over 7 years

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Operating costs

Freed up labor

Productivity increase

Other savings

Average annual savings

Savings throughout the period

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