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Quick startup after power failure

Quick startup after power failure

Quick startup after power failure

Quick startup after power failure

Among Technicon’s customers you will find e.g. Danish Elos Medtech, which at its factory in Gørløse, North Zealand develops and markets advanced medical equipment that contributes to promoting human health all over the globe.

The company, which has just celebrated its 50th anniversary, continuously invests in flexible automation, and i.a. Elos Medtech has invested in several UR5 robots.

In autumn 2020, Elos Medtech was exposed to a power failure. When the power returned, it turned out that 2 of the UR5 robots could not restart. Automation engineer Mikkel Kjellberg at Elos Medtech investigated the cause. After a few attempts to solve the problem himself, Mikkel called Technicon, who immediately sent a service technician out to look at the problem.

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ROI Calculator

This calculator shows the potentially dramatic impact in savings on a robot versus manual labor over the life of the project.

  • 1. System costs
  • 2. Current costs
  • 3. Other savings
  • 4. Result

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Our calculator should be seen as an indication. With each installation, there may be other costs / savings that affect the repayment of the individual installation.

Step 1: System costs

Total system costs for new automation solution

Average production employees DKK 420,000/year/shift

Number of robots for new solution

Step 2: Current costs

Application of solution

Shifts per day
Days per week
Weeks per year
Average electricity costs for robots are around DKK 0.5 per hour.

Annual labor costs per operator, including employee benefits

Number of operators released per shift

(Note: % part that is released is entered on the next page)

Step 3: Other savings

Percentage of workforce retained for system operation per shift:


Expected increased productivity


Other savings

Result: This is your result!





Break even


Freed labor over 7 years


Productivity improvement over 7 years

All figures below are shown in Danish kroner (DKK)



System cost

Maintenance costs

Operating costs

Freed up labor

Productivity increase

Other savings

Average annual savings

Savings throughout the period

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