Universal Robots is now launching the brand new UR20 cobot

The UR20 is the first model from Universal Robots’ next generation of high-performance industrial cobots, and it is designed to take performance to new heights. The UR20 has been reinvented, re-designed and rebuilt from scratch.
Every detail has been carefully designed to deliver the next generation of performance and quality.

#1 Increase the throughput
Increase your production figures and amaze your customers with more products delivered faster but with the same top quality.

#2 Increase the uptime
By delivering the highest speeds in Universal Robots’ family of cobots, the UR20 will accelerate your production line and help you stay competitive.

#3 Scale your production capacity
The key word for UR20 is bigger. UR20 is a high-performance cobot designed to help you realize your highest output targets.

UR20 is the most capable and competitive robot Universal Robot has ever made
With the new UR20, Universal Robots redefines collaborative automation by creating a high-performance cobot with active vibration-damping software and a completely re-designed joint. Manufacturers around the world have been waiting for this cobot – a collaborative robot designed to perform heavy tasks while maintaining high precision and quality.

There are several aspects that set the UR20 apart from other collaborative robots with a high payload, but here are five key features that make it the best cobot to have on your team:

A breakthrough in speed and torque
Its new robust joints provide up to 30% higher speed and torque in a closed capsule.

Advanced movement control
The UR20 enables more precise control of the position, speed and acceleration of the load.

Increased working load capacity
UR20 is an improved cobot with the same simple software and small footprint but can now handle up to 20 kg.

Longer range
With an industry-leading range for its working load, the UR20 can reach 1,750 mm.

Lightweight design with a small footprint
The UR20 has Universal Robots’ signature design and small footprint, making it easy to integrate into almost any existing production line.

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